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What we do

We know it is a difficult decision to leave your home. At Greenwood Retirement Communities we believe that a home is not just where you live, but where you feel understood.

Greenwood Retirement Communities provides seniors across Ontario with a place to have their needs met. We listen and respond to our residents offering tailored solutions to meet their every desire.

You have the choice to define life in your own way, while having access to professional services should you need them. As for amenities, prepare to be embraced in the ultimate lifestyle at pricing that will surprise you – in a good way.

Who we are

Greenwood Retirement Communities is part of Byron Equities Inc., a Canadian investment company. Greenwood currently manages retirement homes in Southern Ontario. A young company, we have only been in operation a few years, but we have achieved a lot. We plan to continue to grow slowly so as not to lose our focus. We believe that this will ensure our retirement homes offer the highest quality lifestyle and our residents will continue to receive great customer service.

About Greenwood Retirement Communities

The people managing Greenwood Retirement Communities are:

Miri Hadas Koller, MBA

Miri has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate market, including the marketing of single-family homes and condominium properties, the management of commercial properties, as well as her ongoing successful experience in the seniors housing sector. Miri’s experience and proven management skills provide a driving force to all projects involving Greenwood.

“Our ambition is to be a leader in the retirement home industry. We believe the key to that is to be attentive to the changing demands of our clients and to keep open lines of communications with residents, staff and family members.”

Brenda Tozer
Senior Executive Director

Brenda is an R.N. with over 30 years of varied experience. She has 17 years in the retirement sector as Director of Care and Executive Director. Brenda has been an ORCA surveyor for many years and is very active on many committees involving seniors care. Brenda seeks to make the Greenwood experience for residents, families and staff the best it can be through respect, compassion, accommodation and care.

“I feel it is an honour to serve the seniors who we look after in our homes. I am committed to high quality standards so that resident and staff satisfaction is met or exceeded.”

Mike Brcko, MBA
Vice President

Mike is a well educated and experienced leader in the seniors housing industry who focuses on real estate development, building management and retirement home business systems. He takes a pragmatic, entrepreneurial approach to the design and operation of buildings and processes within the Greenwood portfolio to ensure resident safety and comfort are held paramount.

“Caring for seniors is one of the greatest responsibilities one can have. It is an honour to create and maintain environments within which our residents can thrive.”

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